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Robert Kardashian: O.J.’s Scheming Lawyer

Robert Kardashian: O.J.'s Scheming Lawyer Hid Vital Evidence

Robert Kardashian Sr.

Robert Kardashian Sr.

Asian people are just as fascinated by the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial as people around the world. The trial, which captivated millions, was not only a significant moment in American history but it also brought to light the involvement of Robert Kardashian, an attorney of Armenian descent. Today, we explore the role of Robert Kardashian in the trial, his actions, and how he impacted the outcome of the case.

What does a lawyer do?

Before we delve into the specifics of Robert Kardashian’s involvement, let’s understand what exactly a lawyer does. Lawyers are legal professionals who are trained to provide advice, represent clients in court, and facilitate legal proceedings. They have a crucial role in the justice system, ensuring the fair treatment of individuals and upholding the principles of law.

How an attorney becomes involved in a high-profile case like O.J. Simpson’s trial?

In order to understand how Robert Kardashian became involved in O.J. Simpson’s trial, we need to examine the circumstances surrounding the case. On June 12, 1994, the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found brutally murdered outside Nicole’s home. O.J. Simpson, who was an NFL football legend and Nicole’s ex-husband, quickly became the primary suspect.

As news of the crime spread, O.J.’s close friend, Robert Kardashian, stepped into the spotlight. Kardashian had been a trusted confidant to Simpson for many years and had a deep personal connection with him. Faced with the potential loss of his friend, Kardashian made the decision to join the defense team.

It is important to note that Robert Kardashian’s involvement in the trial was not without controversy. Many have questioned his motives and strategies throughout the case. Some believe that Kardashian’s intentions were driven by personal loyalty rather than a commitment to justice.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer like Robert Kardashian?

The cost of hiring a lawyer varies depending on several factors, including their experience, reputation, and the complexity of the case. In the case of high-profile trials like O.J. Simpson’s, attorneys often charge exorbitant fees due to the intense media attention and the high stakes involved.

While we don’t have specific information about Robert Kardashian’s fees, it is safe to assume that he would have charged a significant amount given the magnitude of the trial. The complexity of the case, the duration of the trial, and the level of expertise required are all factors that contribute to the overall cost of hiring an attorney.

What can I expect to recover with the help of a lawyer like Robert Kardashian?

When it comes to criminal cases, the objective is not necessarily to recover financial compensation but rather to prove one’s innocence or establish a reasonable doubt. In O.J. Simpson’s trial, Simpson’s defense team, including Robert Kardashian, aimed to secure an acquittal for their client.

In other types of cases, such as personal injury or civil disputes, the outcome can vary. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you may be able to recover monetary damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. However, the specifics of each case differ, and the amount one can recover will depend on the circumstances and the applicable laws.

How to hire a lawyer like Robert Kardashian?

If you are in need of legal representation and are looking to hire a lawyer like Robert Kardashian, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Research: Start by conducting thorough research on attorneys who specialize in the relevant area of law. Look for their experience, reputation, and track record of successful cases.
  2. Consultations: Schedule consultations with several attorneys to discuss your case. This will give you an opportunity to assess their communication style, compatibility, and expertise.
  3. Fee agreements: Discuss the fee structure and payment arrangements with the attorney before hiring them. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, including any additional costs.
  4. Engagement: Once you have made a decision, formally engage the attorney by signing an agreement. This will outline the scope of their representation, the fees, and other relevant details.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a lawyer like Robert Kardashian

As with any attorney, there are both advantages and disadvantages to hiring a lawyer like Robert Kardashian. Let’s explore:


  • Experience: Robert Kardashian had years of experience practicing law and had previously handled high-profile cases, giving him valuable insights into the legal system.
  • Connections: Kardashian’s close relationship with O.J. Simpson and his involvement in the case allowed him to have direct access to important information and potential witnesses.
  • Media savvy: As the trial gained significant media attention, Kardashian’s experience in dealing with media scrutiny helped navigate the complex landscape of public perception.


  • Perceived bias: Many have criticized Robert Kardashian’s involvement in the case, claiming that his personal loyalty to O.J. may have influenced his decisions and strategies in the defense.
  • Controversial tactics: Kardashian’s decision to read O.J. Simpson’s emotional farewell letter to the public during a press conference raised ethical questions and was seen by some as an attempt to manipulate public opinion.
  • Limited expertise: While Kardashian had experience in criminal defense, some argue that his knowledge and skill set did not match the complexities of the case, potentially jeopardizing the defense.

How to find a lawyer like Robert Kardashian?

If you are looking for a lawyer with similar qualities and expertise to Robert Kardashian, here are a few tips to help you in your search:

  1. Referrals: Seek recommendations from trusted friends, family members, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with attorneys. Their personal insight can be invaluable in finding the right lawyer.
  2. Online directories: Utilize online directories that allow you to search for attorneys based on practice area, location, and client reviews. This will give you a broader pool of options to consider.
  3. Lawyer associations: Contact local or national lawyer associations to obtain a list of attorneys who specialize in the relevant area of law. These associations often have rigorous membership requirements, ensuring a certain level of expertise.

The best lawyers like Robert Kardashian

While it is impossible to definitively determine the “best” lawyers like Robert Kardashian, there are numerous attorneys who possess similar qualities and legal skills. Some notable lawyers who have made a significant impact in high-profile cases include:

  • Johnnie Cochran – Known for his charismatic personality and successful defense of O.J. Simpson.
  • Alan Dershowitz – Renowned for his expertise in constitutional law and his involvement in notable criminal cases.
  • Mark Geragos – A high-profile defense attorney who has represented celebrities in various criminal cases.

It is important to conduct thorough research and select a lawyer who aligns with your specific needs and goals. Consultations and due diligence will help you make an informed decision.

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