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OUSM Stock Price Today (plus 7 insightful charts) u2022 Dogs of the Dow

The stock market can be a complex and ever-changing landscape, but finding opportunities to invest and potentially grow your wealth is always exciting. One stock that has caught the attention of many investors is OUSM. In this article, we will dive into the stock price of OUSM today and explore seven insightful charts that can help us understand its performance and potential.

OUSM Stock Price Today (plus 7 insightful charts) u2022 Dogs of the Dow

What is OUSM?

OUSM, or the “Orthogonal U.S. Small Cap Momentum ETF,” is an exchange-traded fund that aims to provide investors with exposure to small-cap U.S. stocks with strong momentum. The fund is managed by SSGA Funds Management, Inc. and seeks to track the performance of the SSGA U.S. Small Cap Optimized Momentum Index.

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Before we dive into the charts, it’s important to understand why OUSM has been garnering attention from investors. Small-cap stocks have historically shown the potential for higher returns compared to their larger counterparts. These stocks are often considered more growth-oriented and have the ability to outperform in certain market conditions.

Furthermore, OUSM specifically focuses on small-cap stocks with strong momentum. Momentum investing involves identifying stocks that have recently shown strong performance and expecting them to continue their upward trajectory. This strategy aims to take advantage of short-term trends and capitalize on market momentum.

Seven Insightful Charts:

Chart 1: Stock Price Performance Over Time

OUSM Stock Price Performance Over Time

One of the most fundamental aspects of analyzing a stock is understanding its price performance over time. This chart provides a visual representation of OUSM’s stock price over the past year. By observing the trends, highs, and lows, investors can gain insights into the stock’s volatility and potential investment opportunities.

Chart 2: Sector Allocation

OUSM Sector Allocation

The sector allocation chart illustrates the distribution of OUSM’s holdings across different sectors of the economy. By examining this chart, investors can understand which sectors the fund is weighted towards. This information can be helpful in evaluating the diversification and risk exposure of the fund’s portfolio.

Chart 3: Top Holdings

OUSM Top Holdings

Knowing the top holdings of a stock or fund is crucial in understanding its underlying assets. The top holdings chart provides a breakdown of OUSM’s largest holdings. It allows investors to assess the concentration risk and the potential correlation among these holdings.

Chart 4: Performance Comparison

OUSM Performance Comparison

Comparing the performance of OUSM with other relevant benchmarks or indices can offer valuable insights. This chart allows investors to gauge OUSM’s performance relative to a chosen benchmark, such as the S&P 500 or a small-cap index, over a specific time period. This analysis can help investors assess whether OUSM has outperformed or underperformed compared to its peers.

Chart 5: Dividend History

OUSM Dividend History

OUSM’s dividend history can be an important factor for income-oriented investors. This chart displays the dividend payout history over a specific time period. Investors can analyze the consistency and growth of OUSM’s dividends to determine its potential as an income-generating investment.

Chart 6: Price-to-Earnings Ratio

OUSM Price-to-Earnings Ratio

The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is a widely used valuation metric in the stock market. This chart presents the historical P/E ratio of OUSM, providing insights into its valuation compared to its earnings. High P/E ratios may indicate that the stock is overvalued, while low P/E ratios may suggest an undervalued opportunity.

Chart 7: Volatility Analysis

OUSM Volatility Analysis

Volatility is an important factor to consider when investing in stocks, as it indicates the magnitude and frequency of price fluctuations. This chart depicts OUSM’s historical volatility and allows investors to assess the risk associated with the stock. Lower volatility may indicate a more stable investment, while higher volatility implies greater potential for price swings.

Advantages of Investing in OUSM:

  • Exposure to small-cap stocks with strong momentum: OUSM focuses on small-cap stocks that have shown recent strong performance, potentially offering the opportunity for higher returns.
  • Diversification: OUSM’s sector allocation and top holdings provide diversification across different sectors and companies, reducing concentration risk.
  • Potential for income generation: OUSM’s dividend history may appeal to income-oriented investors seeking regular cash flow.
  • Valuation opportunities: By analyzing OUSM’s price-to-earnings ratio, investors can identify potential undervalued or overvalued opportunities.
  • Volatility analysis: Understanding OUSM’s historical volatility can help investors assess and manage risk in their portfolios.
  • Performance comparison: By comparing OUSM’s performance against relevant benchmarks, investors can evaluate its relative performance over time.

Disadvantages of Investing in OUSM:

  • Risk of small-cap stocks: Small-cap stocks tend to be more volatile and may pose higher investment risks compared to larger, more established companies.
  • Market timing challenges: Momentum investing requires accurately predicting short-term market trends, which can be challenging for investors.
  • Potential underperformance: OUSM’s performance may not always outperform the chosen benchmark or other small-cap indices, leading to potential underperformance.
  • Dividend variability: OUSM’s dividend payouts may vary over time, and there is no guarantee of consistent or growing dividends.
  • Dependency on market conditions: OUSM’s performance is influenced by overall market conditions, and adverse market movements can impact its returns.


OUSM, the Orthogonal U.S. Small Cap Momentum ETF, offers investors exposure to small-cap stocks with strong momentum. By analyzing the stock price, sector allocation, top holdings, performance, dividends, valuation, and volatility, investors can make informed decisions about OUSM as a potential investment option. However, it’s crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with investing in OUSM and to consider one’s risk tolerance and investment goals.

Investing in the stock market involves risks, and careful evaluation, research, and professional advice are recommended before making any investment decisions.

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