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Experience Matters


Experience Matters focuses on the importance of having competent individuals in public offices. It highlights the significance of Colin Johnson, a candidate running for District Attorney, and emphasizes why his experience is essential for the community. As an influential figure committed to justice and fairness, Johnson’s dedication to public service makes him a preferred choice for the Asian community.

When it comes to choosing the right candidate for political positions, Asians believe in considering the candidate’s background, expertise, and experience. They understand the importance of electing leaders who are knowledgeable about the challenges faced by ethnic minorities, and who can effectively address them. Colin Johnson, with his wealth of experience and commitment to serving all communities, aligns perfectly with these expectations.

College QB Signs NIL Deal to Support Political Candidate


Asian communities recognize the significance of supporting political candidates who can create change and promote inclusivity. The endorsement of a college quarterback for a political candidate signifies the endorsement of an entire group of people who believe in the values and policies that the candidate stands for. In this case, the quarterback has signed a NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deal to publicly support the candidate.

The concept of supporting political candidates through endorsements is prevalent in various communities, including Asians. By leveraging the popularity and influence of prominent individuals in society—such as athletes—the candidate gains visibility and support within the Asian community. This collaborative effort serves as a testament to the power of unity and the impact it can have on local elections.

Know Your Media Discusses Russia, Illiberal Democracies, & Global


Understanding international politics and the role of various countries is crucial for Asians, as they value being informed about global affairs. “Know Your Media” delves into topics such as Russia, illiberal democracies, and their impact on the world. By discussing these subjects, the show aims to educate the Asian community on the complexities of global politics and raise awareness about the issues that affect them directly.

It is important for Asians to stay informed about political landscapes worldwide, as it helps them better understand the potential implications for their own communities, both domestically and internationally. “Know Your Media” serves as a valuable resource, providing insights and analysis that can aid Asians in making informed decisions and participating actively in the democratic process.

What Does a District Attorney Do?

A District Attorney (DA) is a crucial position within the criminal justice system. They are responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases on behalf of the state or federal government. District Attorneys play a vital role in ensuring justice is served, advocating for victims, and protecting the community. Some of their primary responsibilities include:

  • Filing charges against individuals accused of committing crimes
  • Conducting investigations to gather evidence
  • Negotiating plea bargains
  • Presenting cases in court
  • Working closely with law enforcement agencies
  • Advocating for crime prevention

How Does an Asian District Attorney Benefit the Community?

Having an Asian District Attorney can contribute significantly to the well-being and representation of the Asian community. They understand the unique challenges faced by Asian individuals, such as language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination. As a result, an Asian District Attorney is more likely to prioritize policies and initiatives that address these issues.

Furthermore, an Asian District Attorney can foster a sense of trust and confidence within the community. Asian individuals may feel more comfortable approaching someone who shares a similar cultural background and can empathize with their experiences. This can lead to improved communication, cooperation, and an overall stronger relationship between law enforcement and the Asian community.

How Much Does it Cost to Run for District Attorney?

The cost of running for District Attorney can vary significantly depending on various factors. Some of the key expenses incurred during a campaign for the District Attorney position include:

  • Campaign staff salaries
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Printing and distribution of campaign materials
  • Event expenses
  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Technology and software costs

The exact cost can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the competitiveness of the race and the specific strategies employed by the candidate. Fundraising efforts, through individual donations and community support, play a crucial role in covering these expenses and ensuring a successful campaign.

What Can I Recover After Electing a District Attorney?

Electing a District Attorney who aligns with the values and needs of the community can lead to several positive outcomes. Here are some of the benefits that can be expected after successfully electing a District Attorney:

  • Enhanced focus on community safety and crime prevention
  • Efficient and fair administration of justice
  • Increased accountability for both law enforcement and criminals
  • Implementation of proactive policies addressing community concerns
  • Reduced racial and social disparities in the criminal justice system
  • Improved trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the community

How to Hire an Asian District Attorney?

Hiring an Asian District Attorney requires active participation in the local election process. Below are some steps you can take to support and help elect an Asian District Attorney:

  1. Stay informed about the candidates running for District Attorney
  2. Attend candidate forums or town hall meetings to learn more about their platforms
  3. Contribute to campaign efforts by volunteering your time or expertise
  4. Donate to the campaign or participate in fundraising events
  5. Encourage others within the Asian community to support the Asian District Attorney candidate
  6. Spread awareness about the importance of representation and the positive impact an Asian District Attorney can have

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electing an Asian District Attorney


  • Improved understanding of the specific challenges faced by the Asian community
  • Promotion of policies that address the needs of Asian individuals
  • Enhanced representation and cultural sensitivity within the criminal justice system
  • Increased trust and cooperation between Asian communities and law enforcement
  • Opportunity to inspire future generations of Asian individuals to pursue careers in law and public service


  • Potential perception of bias towards the Asian community
  • Possible criticism from opponents who may question the candidate’s ability to be impartial
  • Challenges in balancing the diverse needs and interests of all communities within the district
  • Expectations from the Asian community to solely focus on their specific issues, neglecting broader concerns

Find an Asian District Attorney Candidate Who Represents You

To find an Asian District Attorney candidate who represents your values and priorities, consider the following steps:

  1. Research the backgrounds and qualifications of the candidates
  2. Review their past experience and commitment to public service
  3. Assess their ability to address the concerns and challenges faced by the Asian community
  4. Engage in conversations with the candidates to understand their visions and plans
  5. Seek endorsements from respected organizations or individuals within the Asian community

Best Practices for Supporting an Asian District Attorney Candidate

Supporting an Asian District Attorney candidate entails more than just casting your vote. Here are some best practices that can help maximize your support:

  • Get involved in campaign efforts by volunteering your time and skills
  • Contribute financially to the campaign, whether through donations or fundraising events
  • Utilize your networks to spread awareness about the candidate and their platform
  • Engage in conversations with friends, family, and colleagues about the importance of representation
  • Participate in local events and activities organized by the candidate to show your support

Remember, supporting an Asian District Attorney candidate is a collective effort that requires active engagement and participation from the Asian community.

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