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What Does a Barry Carson Do?

Barry Carson is a professional who has a diverse range of experience in various industries. He currently works at Horan & McConaty, a well-known company in the funeral and cremation services industry. In his role, Barry is responsible for assisting families during their difficult times of loss and ensuring that everything runs smoothly during memorial services and funerals.

Aside from his role at Horan & McConaty, Barry Carson is also involved in investor relations at Mainstream Renewable Power. He works closely with investors, providing them with the necessary information and updates about the company’s projects and financial performance.

Additionally, Barry Carson is part of the team at Xybix, a leading provider of ergonomic workstations for 911 dispatch, healthcare, and other industries. His role at Xybix involves overseeing various operations and ensuring that customers receive high-quality products and exceptional service.

How Does an Investor Relations Professional Like Barry Carson Contribute to Mainstream Renewable Power?

Barry Carson plays a vital role in the success of Mainstream Renewable Power’s investor relations department. He acts as the primary point of contact for both existing and potential investors, building and maintaining strong relationships. Barry provides investors with the necessary information, answering any queries they may have, and ensuring that they are well-informed about the company’s activities.

As an investor relations professional, Barry Carson also plays a crucial role in coordinating with various internal teams, including finance, legal, and marketing. He works closely with these teams to gather relevant data, such as financial results, operational updates, and major project milestones. This information is then presented to investors in a clear and concise manner, allowing them to make well-informed decisions.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Investor Relations Professional Like Barry Carson?

The cost of hiring an investor relations professional like Barry Carson can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the company, the location, and the level of experience required. Typically, investor relations professionals are hired either as full-time employees or through outsourced agencies.

For a full-time employee, the salary of an investor relations professional can range from $80,000 to $150,000 per year, depending on their level of experience and the company’s location. In addition to the base salary, companies often provide benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and performance-based bonuses.

Alternatively, some companies prefer to outsource their investor relations function to specialized agencies. The cost of hiring an outsourced investor relations agency can range from $5,000 to $15,000 per month, depending on the services provided and the complexity of the company’s investor relations needs.

What Can I Recover by Hiring an Investor Relations Professional?

By hiring an investor relations professional like Barry Carson, companies can gain several benefits:

Enhanced Investor Communication: Investor relations professionals are skilled in effectively communicating with investors. They can help companies build strong relationships with existing investors and attract new ones. Good communication can lead to increased investor confidence, which can positively impact the company’s stock price and overall valuation.

Access to Capital: Investor relations professionals play a crucial role in facilitating capital raising activities. They provide key information to investors, such as the company’s growth strategies and financial performance, which can help attract additional funding. This access to capital allows companies to pursue growth opportunities and expand their operations.

Market Intelligence: Investor relations professionals closely monitor the financial markets and keep an eye on the company’s industry competitors. They provide valuable insights and market intelligence to senior management, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Compliance with Regulations: Investor relations professionals are well-versed in the regulatory requirements surrounding investor communication and reporting. By hiring them, companies can ensure compliance with the necessary regulations and avoid any legal issues or penalties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring an Investor Relations Professional Like Barry Carson

Like any business decision, there are advantages and disadvantages to hiring an investor relations professional like Barry Carson:


Expertise and Experience: Investor relations professionals have the necessary expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of investor communication and relations. They understand the nuances of the financial markets and know how to effectively communicate with investors to achieve desired outcomes.

Relationship Building: Building and maintaining strong relationships with investors is crucial for a company’s success. Investor relations professionals excel in cultivating these relationships, ensuring that investors feel valued and informed.

Access to Networks: Investor relations professionals have extensive networks within the financial industry. These networks can be leveraged to gain access to potential investors and industry experts, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Efficient Communication: Investor relations professionals are skilled in presenting complex financial information in a clear and concise manner. Their ability to distill information makes it easier for investors to comprehend the company’s performance, leading to better decision-making.


Cost: Hiring an investor relations professional, whether as a full-time employee or through an agency, can be costly for small or start-up companies with limited resources. The salary and benefits of an experienced investor relations professional can be substantial.

Dependency: While investor relations professionals bring valuable expertise, they can also create a sense of dependency within the organization. Relying heavily on one individual for investor communication may leave the company vulnerable if that person decides to leave or is unavailable for any reason.

Overcommunication: While effective communication is essential, overcommunication can be detrimental. If an investor relations professional overloads investors with too much information or bombards them with frequent updates, it may lead to information fatigue and potential disengagement.

Perception of Bias: In some cases, investors may perceive an investor relations professional as biased, favoring the company’s interests over theirs. Building trust and transparency is crucial to overcome this perception and maintain positive investor relations.

What Is the Best Way to Hire an Investor Relations Professional Like Barry Carson?

When it comes to hiring an investor relations professional, it is essential to follow a systematic approach to ensure the best fit for your company’s unique requirements:

Identify Your Needs: Before beginning the hiring process, clearly define the scope and responsibilities of the role. Determine what qualities and skills are essential for success in investor relations within your specific industry.

Outline the Recruitment Process: Create a structured recruitment process that includes screening resumes, conducting interviews, and evaluating candidates based on predetermined criteria. Determine who will be involved in the selection process, and establish a timeline for making a hiring decision.

Consider Experience and Expertise: Look for candidates with relevant experience in investor relations and a strong understanding of the financial markets. Consider their track record in building investor relationships and their ability to navigate complex financial information.

Evaluate Communication Skills: Investor relations professionals need exceptional verbal and written communication skills. During the interview process, assess a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively and clearly articulate complex financial concepts.

Assess Relationship-Building Skills: Building and maintaining strong relationships with investors is crucial for success in this role. Evaluate a candidate’s interpersonal skills and their ability to establish rapport and trust with potential investors.

Consider Cultural Fit: As with any hire, it is essential to consider a candidate’s cultural fit within your organization. Look for individuals who align with your company’s values and demonstrate compatibility with your team and company culture.


Investor relations professionals like Barry Carson play a vital role in ensuring effective communication between companies and their investors. They help build strong relationships, provide transparent updates, and ensure compliance with regulations. While there are costs and potential disadvantages associated with hiring an investor relations professional, the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks.

When hiring an investor relations professional, it is crucial to follow a structured recruitment process to find the best fit for your company’s unique needs. Consider their experience, communication skills, and ability to build relationships with investors.

Overall, investor relations professionals like Barry Carson bring valuable expertise and experience to companies, contributing to their success in accessing capital, enhancing communication, and staying ahead in a competitive market.


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