Alabama Attorney General Candidates 2022

Former Alabama attorney general joins congressional race

Former Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has announced his candidacy for Congress

Steve Marshall joins congressional race

Steve Marshall, who previously served as the attorney general of Alabama, has recently declared his run for Congress. A well-known figure in the state, Marshall brings with him extensive experience in law and public service. With his decision to enter the congressional race, the stakes have been raised, and the political landscape in Alabama takes an interesting turn.

Steve Marshall named Alabama attorney general by Gov. Robert Bentley

Steve Marshall named Alabama attorney general

Steve Marshall’s journey in politics took a significant turn when he was appointed as Alabama’s attorney general by then-Governor Robert Bentley. This appointment came as a recognition of Marshall’s expertise and dedication to public service. As the state’s top legal officer, Marshall played a pivotal role in protecting the interests of Alabama and its citizens.

Alabama Attorney General: State first in line with lawsuit against BP

Alabama first in line with lawsuit against BP

Under the leadership of Steve Marshall, Alabama stood at the forefront in pursuing legal action against BP in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As the attorney general, Marshall was determined to hold BP accountable for the environmental and economic damages caused by the disaster. His relentless efforts ensured that Alabama was well-represented in the fight for justice.

What does a congressional campaign entail?

A congressional campaign is an intensive and multifaceted endeavor that requires candidates to engage with voters, articulate their policy positions, and navigate the complexities of the political landscape. While individual campaigns may have unique characteristics, some common aspects define the journey towards securing a seat in Congress.

How an attorney general’s experience translates into a congressional race

Steve Marshall’s tenure as Alabama’s attorney general has equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the challenges of a congressional race. Serving as the state’s top legal officer involved interacting with lawmakers, implementing policies, and advocating for constituents. These experiences provide valuable insights and prepare him for the transition to the legislative arena.

How much does a congressional campaign cost?

The cost of running a successful congressional campaign can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the district, the level of competition, and the campaign strategy. On average, a congressional campaign can cost several million dollars, encompassing expenses such as staff salaries, advertising, travel, and logistical arrangements. Fundraising abilities and donor support play a crucial role in financing the campaign.

What can I recover from a congressional representative?

As constituents, individuals can expect their congressional representative to be their voice in the legislative process. This entails advocating for the interests and concerns of the electorate, supporting or opposing legislation, and seeking resources and federal funding for the district. A responsive representative can provide guidance, assistance, and access to resources for constituents’ specific needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of electing Steve Marshall

Just like any other candidate, Steve Marshall possesses advantages and disadvantages that voters must consider when deciding whether to support his congressional bid.


  • Experience: Steve Marshall’s tenure as Alabama’s attorney general provides him with firsthand knowledge of the legal and policy issues relevant to Congress.
  • Leadership: Marshall has demonstrated his ability to lead and make tough decisions throughout his career, which can be invaluable in a legislative setting.
  • Understanding of Alabama: Having served as attorney general of Alabama, Marshall possesses a deep understanding of the state’s unique needs and challenges.


  • New to Congress: While Marshall’s experience as attorney general is beneficial, he would be transitioning to a different role in Congress, which may present a learning curve.
  • Political Polarization: Congress often faces partisan divisions and gridlock, posing challenges to achieving legislative goals.
  • Competition: Congressional races can be fiercely contested, requiring candidates to distinguish themselves and navigate crowded fields.

Best choice for Alabama’s congressional race?

The decision regarding the best candidate for Alabama’s congressional race ultimately rests with the voters. It is vital for individuals to carefully evaluate each candidate’s qualifications, experience, and policy positions to make an informed choice. Assessing a candidate’s ability to effectively represent the district’s interests and navigate the complexities of Congress is essential in determining the best choice for Alabama.


Steve Marshall’s entrance into the congressional race brings a fresh perspective and heightens the stakes in Alabama’s political landscape. With his experience as the former attorney general of Alabama, Marshall boasts valuable insights and familiarity with the state’s unique challenges. However, as with any candidate, voters must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages before making their decision. The congressional race presents an opportunity for Alabama voters to choose a leader who can effectively represent their interests on the national stage.

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